How to Handle Maintenance Costs When Managing Your Phoenix Rental Property

If you’re a DIY landlord, managing your rental property maintenance can be a headache. We have some advice as a Phoenix property management company that may help you better manage your property. If you find that the rental home maintenance is just too much to handle, you could hire someone like us.

Why Section 8 is NOT for Every Landlord – Property Management Phoenix

As a landlord, you’ll have the opportunity to consider whether or not you want to accept tenants who are part of housing assistance programs. Section 8 is the most well-known program for people who need housing help. There are benefits and challenges involved in Section 8 and programs like it.

How to Protect Your Phoenix Rental Home to Get the Best ROI

To protect your Phoenix rental home and get the best long term rental property return on investment, you need to commit to making updates and remodels. Today, we are talking about some of the things you can do that are inexpensive and easy to manage.

When Phoenix Landlords Accidentally Break the Law – Property Management Education

Many of you who are doing property management in Phoenix, AZ on your own may or may not know there is a Landlord Tenant Act to pay attention to, and fair housing laws involved whenever you get into a landlord situation. The tenant has rights, just as you do. Their rights may supersede yours in […]

Pool Safety Tips to Lessen Landlord Liability – Property Management Phoenix

Pool safety is critical for landlords and property managers, and the pool safety laws changed in Phoenix in June of 1991. For everybody who has a pool older than 1991, you’ll be grandfathered into these laws. After 1991, new rules were added that addressed what you have to do to prevent accidental drownings.

Scorpion Prevention Tips for Landlords – Property Management Phoenix

Scorpion prevention in Arizona rental homes is important in many areas. I have been here since 1983, and I never saw a scorpion in my house until five years ago when I moved to a new neighborhood. Scorpions are very territorial and they will only be in certain areas of the valley. If you happen […]

The Move In and Move Out Process Explained by a Professional Phoenix Property Manager

During the tenant move in and the tenant moving out process, the most important thing is documentation. If you show up in court and you try to show a judge a list of items but you don’t have pictures, videos, dates, or receipts, you’re going to lose. Have a good move in and move out […]

Is It Possible to Evict My Phoenix Tenant Without Going to Court?

It could be possible to conduct a tenant eviction without going to court. to go to court, hire an attorney, file a judgement, and do all those things. Today, we’re talking about tenant eviction and what to expect when you’re evicting a tenant.

Can I Refuse to Rent My House to a Criminal? Not if You’re in Phoenix, AZ

Most landlords know that fair housing laws apply to the way you screen tenants and decide to accept or deny them. You must be careful across the nation now with criminal backgrounds. The Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD, has issued new fair housing guidelines about how what you can use when discriminating […]

How HomeQwik Stays Ahead of the Game in Phoenix Property Management

HomeQwik is joining you live from Maui in this blog, where we are attending the NARPM national conference. NARPM stands for the National Association of Residential Property Managers, and it’s an important organization that the best property managers belong to. While it’s great to be in Maui for any reason, we do this for our […]

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